Be the Inspiration

Rotary service transforms lives and communities. To achieve even more truly transformational service, RI President Barry Rassin encourages us to think differently about our role in Rotary, and Rotary’s role in the world during the 2018-19 year.

Gov. Wilson


Globally, Rotary is more relevant than ever before, and its potential for good is vast. Unfortunately, not enough people fully understand what Rotary is and does. Even within clubs, many Rotarians don’t know enough about Rotary to take full advantage of their membership in Rotary. We have opportunity to discuss the many different ways clubs can start or expand service activities to enhance the Rotary experience for our members.


During the 2018-19 year, President Rassin wants us to Be the Inspiration for positive change, inspiring our clubs, our communities, and our organization to face today’s challenges head on, with courage, optimism, and creativity.

With the RI President.